Which MBTI type is Indonesia?

Which MBTI type is Indonesia?

I’m not sure if this blog post types countries in terms of culture, state/government, or the majority of a country’s population’s personalities. However, I’m an Indonesian INTJ and I’d say the majority of Indonesians are ESFP/ESTP (the culture is generally very communal as well, and being individualistic and even—to an extent—being introverted can get one labeled “selfish”). It drives me insane. LOL.

The reason why I have a hard time agreeing that Indonesia is ENFP is that the majority of Indonesians (and the government as well as far too many of its leaders) tend to lack the Ne (Extraverted iNtuiting) function. It’s not a safe place to be a minority of any sort (racial/ethnic, religious, sexual, or simply being an independent thinker). I don’t recommend opening up to people until you are absolutely certain you are not dealing with a bigot (unless you are a foreigner, in which case you will be tolerated—which is why I can understand how/why a foreign citizen would think of Indonesia as ENFP).

I’d also argue for extroversion (despite the stereotype of Indonesians being shy/timid) as I get an impression most Indonesians get kick out of social interaction, rather than be drained by it. And I’m not sure what extroversion/introversion would have anything to with being private, but Indonesians are not the most secretive people in the world (though, paradoxically reserved in certain situations). While discussing sex is a mostly considered taboo, you will find absolute strangers asking you private matters, such as your age or beliefs (religion) right after you’ve met for the very first time. Not to confuse being less-secretive about oneself with nosiness when it comes to others.

The last thing Indonesia as a whole (collectively, as a nation) would be: NT (although of course there are always individual exceptions).

Which MBTI Type...

After reading several articles, I figured it would be interesting to analyze how the various countries relate to MBTI types. I tried to include as many countries as possible for the various people who would be reading this article, based on the various viewing numbers I get from countries. For example, I’ve got 3.5k total views from Singapore viewers on my blog, so I decided it would be important to include Singapore on the list. I’ve done this process to discover the various countries from around the world people are viewing from. Enjoy:

  • Canada- ESFJ
  • England- ISTJ
  • Australia- ESTP
  • Germany- ISTJ
  • Italy- ESFP
  • Ireland- ESTP
  • France- INFP
  • Germany- INTJ
  • New Zealand- ESFP
  • Spain- ESFP
  • Wales- ISFJ
  • South Africa- ESTP
  • Japan- INFP
  • China- ESTJ
  • Singapore- ISTP
  • Sweden- INFJ
  • Brazil- ESFP
  • India- INTP
  • Netherlands- ENFP
  • Phillipines- ESFP
  • Finland- INFP
  • Norway- INFJ
  • Peru- ENTP
  • Poland- ISFJ
  • Czech Republic- ISFJ
  • Lithuania- ESTP

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